Obama’s Trade Pick Owes IRS $10,000 – Here We Go Again

You know I consider myself a fair person, full of grace and mercy. I truly believe in the notion of forgiveness when people make mistakes. But I have to tell you I am growing weary of Robert Gibbs, WH Press Secretary continually making excuses for Presidential nominees who cannot seem to pay their taxes. The latest from Gibbs: US Trade Rep. Designate Ron Kirk’s and the subsequent revelation that he owes $10,000 in back federal taxes is “minor”.

WOW! Here we go again. Wonder what would happen if I owed the IRS say $500 dollars or so–OOOPS–Been there–Done that. Got lots of nasty grams, threats and even more threats to put a Lein on my home if I did not pay up. Hmmmm, then the IRS realized it owed me money (you all saw my post on this back in January) for an OVERPAYMENT I made when I had a small business–and they settled the matter for $60 of interest that I would have paid if I owed the tax.

Get my point Mr. & Mrs. America???

For those of you who may not know, Former Dallas mayor Ron Kirk, who is President Obama’s nominee to be the U.S. trade representative, failed to pay almost $10,000 in taxes during the past three years because of a series of mistakes.

Supposedly, his major mistake was in not treating as taxable income $37,500 in speaking fees. Kirk asked that the fees be paid directly to his alma mater for a scholarship fund he had created, and his accountant did not think the donated fees were taxable income, the committee said.

The news about Kirk’s mistakes comes after the nominations of several high-profile appointees were threatened or derailed because of tax errors. Former senator Thomas A. Daschle (D-S.D.) was forced to abandon his bid to be secretary of health and human services after revelations that he had failed to pay taxes on his use of a chauffeur.

Kirk, who would become the fourth African American in the Obama Cabinet, served six years as Dallas mayor before launching a losing bid against Republican John Cornyn for the seat of retiring Sen. Phil Gramm (R).

Kirk’s failure to pay taxes on the honoraria amounted to a $5,800 underpayment, according to the committee, which concluded that he should have accepted the payments, paid taxes on them and then made his charitable contributions.

I am really starting to kick myself–this is NOT change we can Believe In Folks–this is more of the same and I truly hope that President Obama puts a stop to business as usual and gives us the most ethical administration in U.S. History (haven’t we heard that one before??).

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