Obama’s Fixation On Fabricating Fantacy – The State Of The Union

On the night of January 28, 2014, Barack Obama delivered the 2014 State of the Union. Normally a rather boring teleprompter speech, highlighting the sitting president’s claims of successful policy accomplishments assuring the American Electorate that they were wise to have elected the president delivering the address, was while overlong, also about as honest and truthful as anything else uttered by this specific President since his first inauguration. Meaning it was anything but honest and truthful.

Ignoring the many misstatements made by Mr. Obama relating to a plethora of issues, and cutting directly to his pronouncements regarding his ObamaCare, aka the PPACA, Obama continued his now legion seeming history of being a pathological liar when he declared on National Television that to date, 9 Million Americans had signed up for ObamaCare.

Mr. Obama, you know better than that. It is impossible for you, the man in charge, the “Leader” of America, to not know the truth, that of that 9 Million whom you claim signed up for your law because of the law, the vast majority would have signed up anyway, Obamacare or not Obamacare. It is inconceivable that your advisers would have you so wrapped in a cocoon, that you wouldn’t have known that of the 6 Million you claim signed up for Medicaid, many would have signed up for Medicaid with or without your onerous law. The numbers of Americans who sign up for Medicaid is not only fluid, it is constant in that it happens every month. Likely, the majority of those who signed up would have anyway.

An additional 3 Million Americans (give or take) signed up for Private Insurance via the Exchanges. What you don’t address, which comes as no surprise, are the percentages of those 3 Million Americans who are among the estimated 12 Million to 15 Million Americans who lost their insurance when 6.1 Million Insurance policies were cancelled as a direct result of your law, which placed such onerous requirements on the Insurance companies in demanding expanded benefits, many of which have no basis in efficacy whatever, that the companies were forced to cancel those policies rather than attempt to comply. These are Americans who were already insured, so your claim that Obamacare was the instrumental driving factor in these Americans becoming insured, is patently bogus.

You claim, Mr. Obama, that because of Obamacare, Medicare premiums have been kept stable, no increases, and the Prescription Drug costs have been lowered. Mr. Obama! Do you read the papers? Watch the news? Receive briefings from your Advisers? Or do you just make this stuff up as you go along? That answer is already clear to any who are paying attention.

First of all, Medicare Premiums have most definitely not remained flat; they’ve increased, in some cases dramatically, for Millions of Seniors. The level of care has been reduced as the numbers of physicians participating in Medicare have dropped since you instituted severe slashes to Physician Reimbursements in Medicare since you took office, and most importantly, Mr. Obama, since you “stole” $716 Billion from Medicare to help fund your Obamacare.

Next, as regards the cost of Prescription Drugs, you allege that because of Obamacare the cost has gone down. The actual cost of prescriptions may have lowered to some degree, but the out of pocket costs to the Consumer have increased. So your blanket statement that because of your law the costs have decreased, is not credible.

In fact, Mr. Obama, given your history of being an apparent pathological liar, nothing you said in your SOTU was credible. That so many of the Democratic Party members gave you standing ovations after your many misstatements and downright lies, is testimony to their being your willing accomplices in ignoring the dictates of the Constitution and declaring your intent to continue to rule by dictating law and making law by fiat, obviating your responsibility to work with the Congress, and in your declaring your intent to make law by Executive Order rather than going through the Congressional Legislative process as is expected of Presidents of our Constitutional Democratic Republic, not of Dictators of Third World Countries, whom you seem to wish to emulate.

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