AIG Is The Symptom, Not The Problem

Okay so we can all agree that AIG’s corporate leadership is in short: scum. However, the problem started long before the fall campaign of 2008 and long before President Obama took over on January 20, 2009. As a former lobbyist, Congressional aide, and Sr. Public/Congressional Affairs adviser to the US Chamber of Commerce I can most assuredly tell you that the problem is the $5 BILLION dollars that AIG Spent in political contributions over the past decade.

My fellow Americans it is time to wake up. We have a system of governance that is badly broken and damaged due to the influence of money and lobbyist on the political process. Yes, we have had lobbyist since the very beginning of our government in the 1700s, but never in the history of this nation have business and industry had such a powerful stranglehold on our government.

President Obama is finding out that what he accused his predecessor of holds true for himself. The arrogance of Wall Street is well beyond the Bush Presidency or any one man/woman. It is an extension of the permission that our elected officials have given corporate tycoons, wall street investors, foreign governments (some that are communist nations like China) and the like to run our government through proxy (e.g., them–our elected officials) or by buying up our bad debts.

The real enemy lurks within–not on Wall Street or across the ocean in a foreign land. The real enemy is us and our apathy. Our unwillingness to march on Washington, take to the streets, blast our elected officials and throw them out when they sell us as Americans out. And be clear they have SOLD US OUT! These deals, bailouts, and billions that we lavish on companies like AIG are in short the very Entitlements that we abhor and lambaste when it comes to the least among us in our great society.

My solution is this: It is time for the American people to re-engage, to reconnect and to start giving a damn about our country again. This nation was built on the blood and sacrifice of patriots–men and women who died so that we would never be the unwilling subjects of a Monarch or Tyrant. But make no mistakes–we are captives of a tyrannical IRS that seizes the assets of the very poor and vulnerable when they cannot pay their taxes–and allows the rich and powerful (e.g., Geithner, Dashle, et al.) to go free of penalty or charge when they knowingly and willingly violate the laws. Be clear that we are the subjects of a King–his name is not Obama–his name is The U.S. Congress. The Congress that is appropriating millions, billions and trillions of our dollars for so-called bail-outs for unscrupulous investors and terrorists governments (e.g., the administration wants to send money to help rebuild Palenstine–but we all know Hamas will intercept the funds and do more evil than good) when people are living in Tents in California because they have lost their homes and their jobs in this savage economy.

Something is wrong Mr. & Mrs. America–very wrong. It’s time to get off our fat duffs and stop living in luxury with our heads in the sand. The party is over folks. It’s time to fight for the founding principles of this great nation–it’s time for us to arise and demand more of our public officials. It’s time for us to stop shouting at the wind and realize that AIG is simply a symptom of a much larger problem.

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